These are some testimonials from some of our customers, hopefully these will help get a feel for the boards we craft!

Well we know those Hawaiian legends have Robin's Guns that he builds in Hawaii, but I'm the only person who proudly owns two Mair Guns that were shaped in the Aussie bush on a 700 acres property … I would like to thank Robin for shaping these beauties with so much precision and Love. ESP of Byron Bay for glassing them, and Lance for driving them blanks 900 km !!!

Robbie Page, '88 Pipe Masters Champion

At 57 I was sure my surfing ability had peaked. I met Robin and ordered my first Quad. In 5 years I have owned 10 Mair Quads from 6-8 to 9-3 and my surfing continues to improve. It is technically a thrill to work and learn from Robin. Even a bigger thrill to get a new board and ride it.

Jack Martinelli, Ocean Beach, California

I have had the good fortune in my life to have known Robin and to have surfed his beautiful custom hand shapes since ’71. From Kneeboards, Shortboards, Longboards and Guns, every new board taking my surfing to the next level. Mahalo Bru for the friendship and the boards! “Mair Surfboards will allow you to surf the way you wish you could!”

— Lance Pearson, Slippr'y Creek, Australia

I got on the Mair "quad" program a few years ago and have never surfed better! Robin dialed me in with boards between 7'5 - 10'3 to fit my age & OB conditions. Robin provides a unique shaper/surfer experience keeping you involved through the whole process. Like having your own tech support system to step up your surfing game.

— Rocky Vannucci, San Francisco