Robin Mair has been handcrafting surfboards for over 50 years in South Africa, California, and Hawaii.

{{ If you are looking for a high quality performance surfboard that can help take your surfing to the next level then look no further than Mair Surfboards. Our reputation is built around service and care for our customers. We listen to what you want and give you the best of our knowledge in order to deliver a surfboard that meets your expectations and fulfills your surfing goals and dreams.

We offer boards built with numerous construction techniques in order to deliver the best possible surfboard to meet the customer requirements and our high standards. Your surfboard can be built using traditional polyurethane/polyester materials, EPS/epoxy, epoxy composite sandwich, or hollow balsa construction. We build surfboards in all styles from shortboards to serious big wave guns for challenging the largest waves out there. Our specialty is big wave guns and high performance longboards. But we also build fishes, modern shortboards, retro single fin shortboards, and standup paddle boards.

This wide range of surfboards can be delivered with a wide variety of fin configurations utilizing the ProBox Fin System, coupled with our own custom fin designs. Check out our design page for some of the standard designs we have created, and then look at the gallery for a wide variety of these designs and custom designs that have been produced for surfers all over the world!

We have always designed custom fins for our surfboards, and have a very wide range of highly unusual designs. Be sure to take a look at our sister website, HANALEI FINS where our fin designs are featured, there are plenty of interesting designs.

Finally, as board builders we can only do extraordinary work if we have like minded customers, it is these wonderful people that allow us to experiment and push the envelope, so a big shout out to all of the wonderful people that we get to work with and for, mahalo!}}

For a new level of stoke try our surfboards, you won't regret it! —MAIR SURF

Modern under the glass fin system

For those interested in the GEARBOX fin system use the link below to visit the website. There is a lot of information there on the system, check it out!

To find out more info on HANALEI FINS click on the link below to go to the dedicated website for the fins. This site has been designed to be easy to access on any device and compact and fast. There is a lot of information on all our fins and more will be added as fast as we can.

Many more enhancements planned for the near future, stay tuned. Clicking on the button below will open a new window or tab containing the HANALEI FINS site. Feel free to send us feedback and any ideas you might have for improvements.