We will be showing a small sampling of some of our designs across a wide range of surfboard types to provide an idea as to what we are able to deliver. We have a lot of designs beyond what are shown here so feel free to contact us if you are looking for something more specific.


We have been starting to do a lot more kneeboards in recent years. This is really exciting because the kneeboarding scene is very progressive and willing to experiment with new designs.

This has allowed us to explore more innovative designs that would be considered to radical for the regular surfboard market. But it has also meant that we are generating new ideas that are trickling down to our regular board designs.


Our passion is building guns, there is nothing quite like shaping a gun. There is so much at stake with these boards that one is forced to pay careful attention to the entire process, there is a lot at risk.

This highlights one of the more recent gun designs. We will update this as new ones are created.


We build a lot of longboards and have a large range of designs.

We cannot feature them all here, but we will attempt to showcase some of the more recent designs.

This highlights one of our more popular longboard designs. We will update this as new ones are created.


The fun board or egg category has always been one that is filled with really fun designs that are extremely versatile.

We have long focused on this category as it is possible with these board designs to really create boards that are well suited to a wide range of surfers and conditions.

The design highlighted here is one of our Quadmatic designs. These form the backbone of the designs for this category and we have made many variants and sizes.


Fishes have long been a staple of our board building operation.

The demand for them waxes and wanes but they are always popular with surfers looking for something a little more twitchy. Most of the more modern fishes we make are now setup as quads instead of the more normal keel fins.

The featured design uses the fairly classic fish outline but with a much more modern bottom and the quad fin setup, which adds another level of performance to this type of board.


Our shortboard designs have been following some of the trends we have developed in both our guns and longboards.

This has been to dramatically move the wide points back on the boards, causing the nose to become more narrowed and the tail to become more curved.

The Hyperlink design featured here is the culmination of this design trend. These boards rock, they are very versatile, can handle a wide range of wave heights and are performance masters!


The whole SUP category is relatively new, and while we have been involved with them since the start we do not do a lot of them.

The main reason is the fact that blanks are hard to come by for them and almost always have to be custom EPS blanks.

The featured design is more in keeping with what we like to build in that it represents an SUP gun. It has more pulled ends than your typical SUP and was designed to bee ridden in large waves!


This is our most recent single fin design.

We have always made single fins but over time they have changed to include some modern design elements from our other boards.