Custom Surfboard Ordering FAQ

The first step is to contact us via contact with information on what it is you are looking for in your new board. Robin will then get back to you and start up a conversation about your needs.

It helps to have looked through some of the designs on this site to see if there is anything that aligns with what you are looking for, this will help us start the discussion from a meaningful common point.

If your needs require a brand new design that will surface in this discussion.

We do require a deposit up front before we start working on the order!

Most of our boards are shipped off island so we can definitely ship a board to the mainland. The shipping rates are very unpredictable and based on the size of the board. We have spent a considerable amount of effort researching the most reasonable and effective means of safely shipping surfboards.

Because of the prohibitive shipping costs for a surfboard, we cannot ship to countries outside the US! For anyone that is interested we can certainly investigate shipping to other countries but it is not something we have done.

However, if you are in Australia we are setting up a shaping room in New South Wales and would be happy to build a board for you. Please feel free to contact us if this is of interest.

We do a small amount of laminating ourselves, primarily only epoxy.

We have a fantastic laminator that we have worked with for many years that does the bulk of our laminating work for us. The laminating shop is Imua Fiberglass and the laminator is Dave Implom. Dave is a very experienced craftsman and due to our longstanding working relationship he has a thorough understanding of our requirements and quality.

The reality is we can do either of these resin types.

Many of our boards use a hybrid system were the primary laminating is done with polyester, but then we use epoxy to apply our V-Lam bamboo veneers.

The lead time on epoxy boards is much longer than the polyester boards, so plan accordingly. Of course, the epoxy boards are also more expensive than polyester due to the increased resin costs and the increased charges for laminating with epoxy.

Arctic Foam is our primary blank supplier, we have had a long relationship with them and exclusively use their foam. Blanks available directly on the island or we get them from Oahu, so we have a wide choice of blanks. We also order custom blanks from the mainland that meet our rocker needs, or for triple stringers or custom T-band stringers.

For EPS boards we use custom cut blanks made on island, or Marko Foam.

Fins are not included in the price of our surfboards. We will be happy to provide a quote for the fins when enquiring about the pricing for a surfboard.

We do however offer a discount on a set of fins when buying a surfboard!