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This page will be utilized to show what we are currently working on, to give our readers ideas of the new designs we are working on for the future.

We will update this page on a regular basis in an attempt to stay current with the work in progress in the shop. Might not always be surfboards but could be anything interesting.

"The Swooptail" Quad Fish Kneeboard


Length: 5' 11" Nose Width: 18" Overall Width: 24" Wide Point: 1" Back Tail Width: 20 1/4" Thickness: 3" Tail Shape: swoop tail fish Fin Layout: quad Bottom Design: single concave - deep VCTR bottom Design Date: June 2017


{{There is no deck concave on this version to maximize the floatation and provide the most versatility for knee placement. There is a lot of volume in this design for the same reasons. The deck gets a layer of 1/8" DCELL covered with a layer of 5-oz BASALT/INNEGRA fabric for increased durability under the knees.

The bottom design features our VCTR bottom, which has a single concave through the nose area, moving into a double concave and then into a bonzer-like double channel through the tail. On either side of the channel there are flat panels with a roughly 4ยบ bevel onto which the fins are placed. These panels then provide nice flat surfaces when the board is on the rail allowing the fins and the flat to work together for increased speed and turning performance. The bottom also features a chine at the rail in order to help with transitioning and also to provide extra bite in the rails.

The fins are setup as a quad setup, and in the case of this design will use the HRD-KORE Q2 quad set. Boxes are GEARBOX for the best strength and performance.

More photos will be added once the board has been laminated and finished, stay tuned!}}

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